How to Prepare: The BTS tour at Citi Field

BTS is less than a week away from performing at Citi Field, the twelfth and final BTS World Tour: Love Yourself American tour stop. Citi Field is BTS’ biggest stateside venue to date and is the first United States stadium that the band will play. The 40,000 tickets sold out in less twenty minutes, and if that’s any indication of how wild and crazy the concert is going to be, concertgoers need to be prepared.


ARMY charity organization One In An Army is organizing a charity project for Citi Field attendees the night of the BTS concert. For more information, go here.


If you don’t have a ticket and are still trying to find one, resale websites like StubHub are still selling tickets, but the prices, especially this close to the date of the show, are likely going to be hundreds of percents higher than they originally sold for.

Another source for ticket sales is BTSTICKETBOT on Twitter. They have an entire thread dedicated solely to Citi Field sales and update regularly, but the tickets tend to be in high demand and sell fast. I’d recommended turning on post notifications for the account if you try to grab tickets through BTSTICKETBOT.

Unlike all other BTS tour stops for the U.S.A., Citi Field tickets were exclusively sold on and all ticketing policies for the event will be the same. For any questions about your specific ticketing, contact the distributor.

Once you have your tickets, great! Don’t lose them. Make sure to bring them to the concert!

All attendees regardless of age need a ticket to enter the venue.


The fanchants  for BTS’ songs can easily be learned at


BTS will have a General Admission (pit) floor area at their Citi Field concert. 

Pit has a lot of people. It is competitive. There are going to be a lot of people trying to get as close to the stage as is physically possible in an attempt to see BTS better and/or so BTS can see them. Be mentally prepared.

As for the physical needs, first you’ll need water. You’re going to be dancing and screaming and shouting and colliding with one another, so hydration is key!

Second, deodorant. This one doesn’t need any explanation.

The type of clothing that a person wears in pit is important, too. You don’t want to wear anything that restricts you in any way and limits the fun you’re going to have, so loose, comfortable clothing is best. It’s also going to get really, really, really hot with all of those bodies and all that dancing. Plan your outfit accordingly.

The line for General Admission ‘officially’ opens at 10 A.M. on the day of the concert but fans will ignore that and line up whenever they want to. Fans will be camping out for days in advance in an effort to get barricade spots in pit, so if a close view is important to you, camping out as early as you can is advised. Make sure you stay safe!

If you don’t have general admission tickets, your seat will be reserved for you and you can go to your seat as soon as the doors to the venue open.


Every ticket bought for the Citi Field concert comes with a redeemable copy of Love Yourself: Answer. If your tickets were bought straight from Citi Field, an email with instructions on how to redeem your copy should have already been sent to your email. Copies of Love Yourself: Answer must be redeemed by October 20th. The album is not available for redemption if tickets were bought through resale.


Citi Field has released a list of items prohibited in the Citi Field venue. The list is exclusively for the BTS show.

No food is allowed inside of the venue but attendees are permitted to bring in unopened plastic water bottles sizes twenty ounces or smaller.

Small film or digital cameras are not allowed inside of Citi Field.

Citi Field also released a parking and transportation guide for the concert.


Sometime before the concert, BTS’ official twitter account will release a map of where to find the merchandise line and the BTS studio booth.


Doors to the show open at 4:00 P.M., three hours before the show begins at 7:00.

Citi Field has a ballpark app that reportedly “complements and personalizes your trip to Citi Field with check-in offers, exclusive content and much more,” according to the Citi Field Information Guide.

Citi Field has elevators available for those wishing to use them.

Citi Field is BTS’ last stop of the Love Yourself tour in the United States. The show is going to be bigger and bolder than anything BTS has ever done before and will be explosive in comparison to where they’ve come from. For fans who managed to snag tickets, they’ll have a front row seat to something nobody has ever seen before.

As the conclusion to BTS’ Love Yourself journey in America, I hope the concertgoers at Citi Field give BTS every bit of enthusiasm that they have inside of them; the world will be watching.

BTS will be performing at the Citi Field stadium in the Queens borough of New York City in the United States of America on October 6th. All the tickets for the show have officially been sold out according to the official BigHit BTS World Tour website.

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