One In An Army promotes Citi Field charity campaign

The ARMY charity organization One In An Army, on par with their reputation, recently facilitated the execution of a charity project designed for BTS’ Citi Field concert, the final stop in the North American section of their world tour and the first U.S. stadium that the band will ever play.

The charity project was created by Twitter user ChellszYuHurdd; One In An Army simply provided a platform to “work things out” when it came to the details of the project and the promotion of it.

The charity project for Citi Field, colloquially characterized with “One ARMY, One Can,” has three components to it. The first, giving thank-you notes to event staff, takes no more than a pen and a little burst of thought. The second, participating in clean-up events in and around the stadium, is as easy as picking up a few pieces of trash on the way out.

The third piece of the project is the most pertinent. One In An Army has teamed up with City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization, to collect food at the Citi Field concert. Each fan attending is asked to bring at least one item of canned food to the concert. City Harvest will be at the stadium on the day of the concert to collect the canned goods. Any type of canned goods is accepted, as City Harvest will be taking the cans to food pantries and shelters all around the city.

Blankets will also be collected at the end of the show. The blankets will be donated to local New York City shelters.

Those interested in participating in any and/or all of the above components of the Citi Field concert should email One In An Army at or look through the #AnpanARMYxCitifield and #AnpanARMYxLYTour hashtags on Twitter.

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