J-Hope issues the “IDOL” challenge

“IDOL” is taking the media world by storm. The song is the third most watched video (and the most watched music video) in 24 hours for a reason, after all. “IDOL” showcases more than just BTS’ record-breaking and award-winning vocals and rap; the choreography pairs well with the song and gives “IDOL” a life of its own.

Following “IDOL’s” release, BTS member J-Hope posted on the BTS twitter account a video of the “IDOL” challenge, an issue challenging others to attempt the “IDOL” choreography for themselves. The “IDOL” challenge runs in a similar vein to the “BASE LINE” challenge that circulated around back in July. While the “BASE LINE” challenge was first spurred by BTS fan, the “IDOL” challenge is the opposite; though there were ideas of an “IDOL” challenge before, J-Hope was the first to make a great big push for one.

A Twitter moment detailing the challenge was highlighted on the Twitter explore page.

The BTS member is known in part for his great and extensive dancing capability. J-Hope periodically releases dance videos on the BTS twitter account and gave his own take on the “In My Feelings” challenge. His “In My Feelings” video is the ninth most-liked tweet on Twitter. Of the fifty most-liked tweets of all time, BTS has twenty-two of them, beating out second place former U.S. President Barack Obama who has twenty-one.

“IDOL” is a part of the setlist for BTS’ ongoing world tour.

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