BTS sells out US stadium, becomes first K-pop act to do so and cements popularity

BTS is playing their first United States stadium show to a full house. Tickets for the show went on sale Aug. 17 at 4 PM EST. One hour and six minutes later, Citi Field confirmed all the tickets were gone.

BTS sold out the 40,000 seats, New York City stadium Citi Field, with almost no promotion and with the date only being announced nine days earlier, in only minutes. In keeping stride with their steps, BTS goes where no other K-pop act has gone before; only this time, the ripples they send extend a little farther than what they’re used to.

With the ticket sales, the band not only becomes the first K-pop act to book a United States stadium, they also become the first to sell it out. Selling out a United States stadium is a feat not to be taken lightly; only the biggest names in American music can usually stock that many seats full of fans. Citi Field opened up some previously off-limit areas to fill the demand for tickets.

Considering BTS has yet to have a number one hit in the US and Love Yourself: Answer has yet to even drop a track list or a teaser, let alone an album, the fact that BTS sold out a 40,000 seat stadium in reportedly less than twenty minutes is setting BTS far, far above what some people naively assume them to be; a successful Korean act with an American blight.

The sellout proves that BTS is playing in the big leagues, a fact adequately provided with a nationally-renowned baseball stadium. If American popularity is a game, BTS is one of the contenders for the top slot.

The 40,000 tickets sold at Citi Field come with a redeemable copy of Love Yourself: Answer.

BTS would be nothing without the support of their ARMY. #BTSCitiField trended worldwide on Twitter as ARMY celebrated and congratulated BTS for the achievement. For BTS, this moment was four years in the making.

The Citi Field stadium is the final stop of the North American leg of the BTS World Tour: Love Yourself. As the fifteenth show of the tour and the biggest venue to date, the show is suspected to be explosive; for the fans who got tickets, they’re going to witness the performance of a lifetime.


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