ARMY organization One in an Army tackles thirst for July charity campaign

Thirst Relief

Following in the precedents of ARMY projects before them while simultaneously still forging their own way in the world, a new charity act, in the wake of BTS’ own example, is rising as a tide for change.

One in an Army

One in an Army is a global charity campaign that routinely designs and carries out monthly charity projects reflecting needs throughout the globe. The stronghold emphasizes teamwork in true BTS fashion and opens channels of assistance from more than just its main team of 20; anyone can help.

Our motto, “I am ONE in an ARMY”, plays with the idea that many people giving small amounts can create a substantial impact when we work together.”

Previously focusing on needs in Syria for April and May and partnering with BTS’ own Love Yourself UNICEF campaign for the month of June, July has now arrived and One in an Army is focusing on a fundamental human need—water.

The Thirst Relief Campaign for July, though an echoing of BTS’ own values, is an entirely ARMY-run project. Thirst Relief International, the organization that One in An Army is working through, has worked in eight countries and has helped 800,00 people. One in an Army hopes to help 300 more (each 10$ donation provides access to clean drinking water for one person for 25 years). One in an Army’s campaign will specifically help the people of Tanzania; in a country where only slightly more than half of the population of more than 55 million people has access to water routinely safe from contamination, it’s needed.


The campaign is worldwide. Instructions for the July campaign are available in six languages and five international fanbases partner with One in an Army’s monthly campaigns to accept donations in their local areas. Their team of staff and volunteers, like ARMY, come from all over the globe. Their official website, though written in English, can be automatically translated to differing languages if opened in the Google Chrome web browser.

It’s not exclusively seriousness for the Thirst Relief campaign, though. To keep fans engaged and educate them of clean water access methods in the meantime, One in an Army launched a game on their Twitter account titled “Anpanman Undercover Mission,” an interactive twitter-poll based journey that follows Van, a suspected metaphor for ARMY in BTS’ merchandise line BT21, on his journey to free as many biosand filters from Contamination Castle as he can.

ARMYs who participate in the polls decide based on their poll votes on whether Van succeeds or fails in his endeavors based on their educated guesses. The polls, made to teach, focus on water trivia. Van doesn’t always win, though it’s not due to the ARMY’s lack of enthusiasm. Sometimes, they just don’t know—the exact reason that the game was created this way.

The blue numbers in the tweets represent how many biosand filters ARMY has successfully donated through the Thirst Relief Campaign. As the fundraiser progresses, and so does the game, the numbers steadily climb higher as more money is donated and more filters are bought. Anpanman Undercover Mission, like everything else, is immaculately perfected and undeniably cohesive in its execution.  Parts one, two, and three of the game are on the One in an Army Twitter page.

The reason One in an Army is so striking is due to their shifting focuses of charity projects. Adapting efforts to ever-changing needs, flexibility is key in any endeavor, especially in projects of this size. In charge, prepared, willing to spend time even when time is scarce, that’s what makes or breaks a hero.

And in their heroic process, One in an Army emulates a true, companionable eye of charity that BTS would be proud of.  

Connect to One in an Army on their Curious Cat, Instagram, Twitter and Wix sites and donate to their Thirst Relief Campaign with us on their Thirst Relief page. Email them at

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